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By applying the latest in plant breeding research and seed technology to deliver outstanding seed, our investment, innovation and hugely experienced staff reinforce Elsoms’ position as the UK’s leading independent seed specialist and plant breeder.

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Our specialist staff provide suppliers and customers with the highest level of expertise and support for which Elsoms is renowned.

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ELSOMS Digital Open Day 2020

We are delighted to invite you to this years’ Elsoms Digital Open Day! As we are unable to see you all at our trial field this year, you can still experience and learn about the varieties that we have on show.  Click on the buttons below to go directly to the crop section or use the search bar and type in the variety of your choice! Please enjoy the range of videos we have created for you that cover some of the key varieties on our brassica, salad and root crop portfolio. Our trial guide is available for download here - please note, not all crops/varieties are available in video format. For more information, please contact your crop manager. Kale Spring Green Broccoli Purple Sprouting Broccoli Kohl Rabi Pointed Cabbage Savoy (Early/Summer) Savoy (Christmas) Savoy Winter Red Cabbage Red Cabbage (Processing) Baby Leaf Spring Onion Radish Chinese Leaf Spinach Celery Iceberg Lettuce Speciality Lettuce Brassica We are delighted to offer the superb range of brassica crops from both Bejo and our joint breeding programme, with Bejo. Our joint breeding programmes for Brussels sprouts and sprouting broccoli have produced some fantastic varieties. The passion we have for breeding traditional 'British' vegetable crops is demonstrated in our the varieties seen here. Let Dave Clay, Brassica Crop Manager tell you more about the varieties we have on show. Kale Spring Green Broccoli Purple Sprouting Broccoli Kohl Rabi Pointed Cabbage Savoy (early/summer) Savoy (Christmas) Savoy (winter) Red Cabbage Red Cabbage (Processing) Salads Our salads and diverse crop portfolio continues to expand. The expert breeding and selection team at Bejo is dedicated to bring you a range of species, particularly celery, fennel and radish. Find out more from Lisa Tokelove, our Salads and Diverse Crop Manager. Baby Leaf Spring Onion Radish Chinese Leaf Spinach Celery Iceberg Lettuce Speciality Lettuce
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Ten Reasons to Grow Tennyson

Tennyson is an exciting new, low-risk variety selected by Elsoms’ OSR breeding programme. Already accepted onto the AHDB candidate list, its income potential alone is reason enough to add it to your 2021 OSR programme. With quantitative Phoma resistance, TuYV and a high Verticillium tolerance, Tennyson is a flexible variety suited to a range of drilling situations. See the ten reason why you should grow this high value, low-risk variety! Top-performing candidate variety for the East and West based on AHDB data. With an agronomic score of 42.8, Tennyson shows its superior performance with an outstanding disease package. Tennyson has Phoma resistance that isn't reliant on the RLM7 gene, TuYV resistance, and a high Verticillium tolerance, which all help deliver a high yield and impressive oil content. Tennyson is the high-performance OSR variety for those who take varietal choice seriously and willing to invest in new options. Low-risk option with high yields and high oil content. Tennyson puts the grower in an optimum position to establish a healthy crop with a high-income potential. With the continued removal of chemicals, Tennyson is the low-risk variety with resistances to the year-on-year disease problems faced by growers. With a yield of 113.4 in the East and West and an oil content of 45.2, growers should be confident in Tennyson. Resilient to environmental pressure: consistent year-on-year results in UK trials. With over two-years of trials, Tennyson has demonstrated a high degree of success. It has shown a true winter hardness that has been able to cope with the harshest of winters. Brings robust new genetics to the market from a new breeding programme. We have selected Tennyson for its superior genetics as part of our new OSR breeding programme. Bred with multiple quantitative Phoma resistance, Tennyson is changing the dynamic of how an OSR variety performs against one of the most damaging diseases, by removing the concerns about the over-reliance of the RLM7 gene and that it may have become less effective than when it was first introduced. Hard to match disease package:Phoma resistant mixed with TuYV resistance and high Verticillium tolerance. Disease pressure varies year-on-year and is always a concern for growers. Tennyson's disease package will give you the reassurance needed when growing OSR. With the removal of pesticides, Tennyson boasts Turnip Yellow Virus resistance (TuYV), a factor that has become a key when choosing an OSR variety. Its high Verticillium tolerance will mean that you can rest assured that Tennyson is a robust variety choice when concerned about this soil-borne disease. Growers can have peace of mind with Tennyson that it has excellent Phoma resistance that does not rely on the RLM7 gene. Wide drilling window: resilient to the pressures faced whether drilled early or late. Tennyson's superb disease resistance, combined with its vigorous growth habit, lends itself to a wide drilling window, creating the opportunity to be more flexible with your crop rotation programme. Vigorous growth habit: recovers quickly from CSFB attack. Through the trials done at Elsoms, data has shown that Tennyson has an excellent ability to recover and accelerate away from Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle attacks. With drought conditions creating a higher risk of attack, Tennyson's good autumn and spring vigour give it the right characteristics to overcome infestation. Excellent standing power: stem stiffness of 8 and lodging score of 9. Tennyson is an ideal variety choice when comes to exposed sites throughout the country. With current challenges faced when growing oilseed rape the grower can straight away remove the concern of their crop lodging with Tennyson’s stem stiffness of 8 and a lodging score of 9, this variety's standing ability is yet another reason to grow Tennyson. Early maturity: allows combining to begin earlier. Harvest time is always a hectic time of year. The pressures mount up, and often the weather doesn't help! Tennyson's early maturity makes the management of timings during harvest easier by allowing combining to take place much earlier than other varieties. This help eases that and will enable growers to bring their harvest programme forward. Agronomically stable and consistent: proven in trials means this variety will not let you down. We have invested in our OSR breeding programme and have selected the best varieties to bring to the UK market. Our breeding team have worked closely with our commercial team and customers to help bring Tennyson to market, knowing it will not let you down. Download the Tennyson technical information here, or contact Jack Holgate ( for more information.
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