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Agricultural Seed Suppliers

Our large portfolio of arable crops offers an extensive choice to UK farmers of competitive varieties of cereals, oilseeds and pulses.

Natural Fibre Crops Seeds

Introducing Elsoms' exclusive range of natural fibre crops for the UK. As pioneers in the supply chain development for hemp and flax, we're committed to transforming these crops into lucrative break crop options for farmers. Elsoms serves as the exclusive distributor of HEMP-it hemp seed varieties in the UK. Established in 1965, HEMP-it is an agricultural cooperative dedicated to producing and distributing high-quality hemp seeds for various industrial and bio-based applications. With a forward-looking approach, HEMP-it focuses on breeding certified seeds of the highest quality to meet diverse market demands. HEMP-its comprehensive selection of seeds caters to a wide range of applications. As the exclusive distributor, Elsoms ensures that UK customers have access to these top-tier hemp varieties. Purchasers of hemp seed from Elsoms Seeds Ltd. must ensure they possess the necessary license before cultivation, as per regulations governing the production of hemp fibre or seeds.

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