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Our large portfolio of arable crops offers an extensive choice to UK farmers of competitive varieties of cereals, oilseeds and pulses.


Elsoms Wheat is a wheat breeding collaboration between European plant breeders, Nordsaat, ASUR and Elsoms Seeds. The breeding programme draws on genetics and skills from all three companies to breed new varieties of wheat specifically for the UK market's individual maritime climate. The responsive, innovative and forward-thinking approach from Elsoms Wheat presents a strong pipeline of promising new varieties, which have performed well in extensive trials and compete with major breeders in the UK wheat market.

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Durum Wheat


Miradoux is one of the most popular Durum Wheats available in the market. High yielding with good quality. Best suited to the south of England

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  • Alternative/Spring variety
  • High yields and excellent quality
  • Good agronomic package