The Elsoms Agricultural Division provide UK farmers with an impressive and comprehensive range of arable crops from its own partners plant breeding programmes.
The Elsoms Agricultural Division provides UK farmers with an impressive portfolio of varieties encompassing the arable, forage, energy and catch and cover crop sectors. The formation of joint ventures such as Elsoms Wheat Ltd and Elsoms Ackermann Barley Ltd , and our close association with Saaten Union and Crites Seeds Inc, has already successfully introduced a range of market leading varieties. Elsoms and partners continue to invest heavily in new breeding techniques to ensure that competitive, commercial varieties are available to UK growers. By working closely with likeminded, independent plant breeding businesses, Elsoms use a range of impressive resources and research stations to remain a significant force in developing new agricultural varieties for the UK market.
As Elsoms reach a milestone 175th anniversary, we will continue delivering the highest quality seed to the next generation of UK farmers across the vegetable and arable sector

Roger Keeling, Chairman