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Elsoms Wheat

Elsoms Wheat is a pioneering and innovative wheat breeding programme. In collaboration with esteemed European plant breeders Nordsaat and Saaten Union Recherché, Elsoms Wheat combines the expertise and genetic resources of these three leading companies, positioning it at the forefront of wheat breeding programs in the UK.



Elsoms Wheat represents a substantial investment in wheat breeding, elevating our Plant Breeding station in Spalding, Lincolnshire, to the top tier of such programs in the country. With a robust budget, cutting-edge genetics, and state-of-the-art technologies, Elsoms Wheat is geared to compete with multinational companies operating in the UK. The collaboration allows for an expansion of the plant breeding team at Spalding, providing access to a diverse range of technologies through the Saaten Union biotech lab. This integration will facilitate the transformation of our breeding program into a significantly di-haploid system, accelerating the speed to market for improved wheat varieties.

Our Mission

At Elsoms Wheat, our mission is to contribute to the advancement of wheat farming in the UK by providing a consistent supply of enhanced varieties. Our collaboration fosters a free flow of ideas and information among Elsoms Seeds, Nordsaat, and Saaten Union Recherch√©, creating a synergy that reflects shared values, culture, and a rich history of successful wheat breeding across Europe. As the UK’s leading independent seed dealer and breeder, we are excited to embark on this journey with partners who share our dedication to innovation and excellence in agriculture.