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Elsoms Appoints Catch and Cover Crop Specialist

Elsoms Seeds, the UK’s leading independent seed specialist, seed treatment and breeding company, has appointed Sam Tyrrell as Catch and Cover Crop Specialist, alongside his current role as Area Specialist for North Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

Sam Tyrrell

Due to recent growth and innovation in Elsoms’ Catch and Cover crop portfolio, Sam Tyrrell has taken on the role of Catch and Cover Crop Specialist at Elsoms. BASiS qualified, Sam has been a part of the vegetable team at Elsoms for 9 years and has a wealth of experience after gaining a strong reputation within the vegetable industry, having spent 6 years working as the Area Specialist for North Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. 

Sam said, “We have some fantastic Catch and Cover crop varieties coming through from our partner company Petersens. I’m very excited to be working closely with Petersens to continue developing our Catch and Cover crop portfolio to suit UK vegetable growers.” 

“Along with supplying the highest quality seed, we are focused on ensuring that our customers can get the most from the land they farm. Sam has proven himself as a key member of the Vegetable team at Elsoms and I’m pleased that he will be working closely with our customers, helping them to develop the use of Catch and Cover crops in their rotation.” Said Justin Solly, Head of Vegetable Sales at Elsoms.