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Elsoms set to take Agriculture business to the next level

Elsoms is pleased to announce that Paul Taylor has been appointed as Head of Agriculture, following Adrian Hayler’s move to Head of Business Development. Paul’s appointment ensures the continued success of Elsoms’ agricultural business, aiming to significantly strengthen customer relationships.

Paul’s appointment will see him become the driving force behind Elsoms’ future growth by helping to enhance customer crop portfolios, and creating opportunities for them to offer new, relevant and profitable variety choices to farmers.

“I’m excited to begin a new chapter at Elsoms.” Said Paul Taylor, Elsoms’ Head of Agriculture. “It’s a company with such strong heritage, reputation, and portfolio to match, I’m revelling in the challenge of taking Elsoms’ agriculture business to the next level.”

Paul Taylor

With an established portfolio tailored to UK farmers, Elsoms continues to push the boundaries of product development through its own, and joint breeding programmes. The strong relationships that Elsoms has nurtured with its partners, such as Saaten Union and Crites, are critical to the success of Elsoms’ agriculture business.

With a strong track record and a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and relationship management, Paul will be working closely with Elsoms’ partners to further the expansion of its agriculture portfolio. With a clear understanding of what the seed trade requires from breeders; from the varieties offered, to the support and supply lines needed to sell them effectively, Paul will be pivotal in the continual growth of Elsoms and its portfolio.

“I’m pleased to welcome Paul to Elsoms and excited to see the potential he brings to our agriculture business.” said Robin Wood, Elsoms’ Deputy Chairman. “I’d like to thank Adrian Hayler for all his work over the last seven years’ creating the strong foundations for our agriculture business.”