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Elsoms Sets a Course for Further Growth

Elsoms Seeds is the UK’s leading independent seed specialist and plant breeder. The company is targeting rapid growth by identifying innovations and diversification opportunities for UK farmers and growers. To support this growth, Elsoms has appointed a dedicated Business Development team to evaluate, prioritise and implement key projects.

(Left to right: Adrian Hayler, Heather Oldfield and Annie Sneath)

The team is led by Adrian Hayler, who has been responsible for the growth of Elsoms’ agricultural business over the last eight years.

“Agriculture and horticulture will undergo significant change in the coming years, generating exciting opportunities” said Adrian Hayler, Elsoms’ Head of Business Development. “Elsoms is well placed to provide ideas and solutions for UK farmers and growers to remain commercially successful, due to its wide range of crops and seed treatments, and its expertise in breeding, trialling, and research and development activities”.

“With his extensive knowledge of the produce and food production sectors, Adrian is ideally suited to lead our Business Development team” said Robin Wood, Elsoms’ Commercial Director and Deputy Chairman.

Adrian will be joined in the new Business Development team by fellow Elsoms colleagues, Annie Sneath and Heather Oldfield. Annie brings a wealth of experience to the team having worked on projects in Elsoms’ market leading seed treatment division, while Heather established Elsoms as a major supplier to the Energy Crop Sector.

To contact the Elsoms Business Development team, visit the ‘Meet the Team‘ page.