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Family Day 2022

Elsoms added another event to its busy calendar on Saturday, October 15: the Elsoms Family Day. Following the success of the Elsoms Open Days, the Elsoms Family Day was the culmination of a week-long event at the trial fields, in Spalding.

Elsoms team member showing child leeks

The family day was a way to say thank you to staff and their families for the support they give to Elsoms. Our team were able to walk their partners, children, parents, nieces, and nephews around the crops, while all enjoying cakes and warm drinks provided by local catering company, OK Catering.

Children playing with spades in the trial field

Everyone had the opportunity to pick their own veg, a fantastic way to get children involved and understanding where their food comes from. There were multiple sightings of Brussels sprouts plants being put into cars boots, along with carrots and sweetcorn, being some of the favourites of the day.

Elsoms team members and family dig into the trial field.

“For over 175 years’ Elsoms has been a family run business.” Said Roger Keeling, Chairman of Elsoms Seeds. “It is amazing to see our staff sharing their work life and knowledge with their families, which emphasises the family nature of our business.”

Sog sniffing the trial field crops.

Although it may be obvious to some, it is important to have a tangible example of the crops we develop. Being able to see all the people involved in making sure there is food on the plates of the nation, is a great way for families to grasp how Elsoms achieves that.

Elsoms team members visit the trial field with family

Elsoms’ Family Day provided us with an opportunity to celebrate all the hard work put in by the team. We are proud of our staff and the important role Elsoms play in feeding a global population.

Elsoms team members children inspect the trial field crops.