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Priming for Success

Seed Priming at Elsoms

To produce a healthy and high-yielding crop, getting young plants off to a strong start is crucial. At Elsoms, our seed technology facilities have been priming a wide range of crops for many years for this very reason.

Seed technology plays a key role in ensuring that seeds germinate with a robust and uniformed establishment during early growth. At Elsoms, we are specialists in seed treatment, constantly seeking sustainable solutions that use the latest technologies to support our growers.

How it Works

One of our seed technology options is seed priming, which involves adding moisture to a seed until it is just ready to germinate in a highly controlled environment. This is particularly beneficial for seeds that are typically more challenging to germinate and for breaking natural dormancy in a range of seed species. When sown, the seed will germinate quicker and more evenly resulting in improved crop establishment.

a photo of primed carrot seed besides non primed carrot seed after 5 days. the primed seed clearly has stronger and more uniform root structure.
Primed vs Non-primed carrot seed

Priming is especially useful to slow germinating crops. This is because the key effect of priming takes place in the first 7 days of germination. A primed crop increases uniformity in that key initial growth stage, meaning you get less waste come harvest time.

The primed seed ensures a more even emergence in the first 7 days, reducing the inconsistency of growth you get with non-primed, slow germinating crops such as Parsnips and herbs etc.

We continually research and test priming techniques for different crops in various climates to offer our customers the best possible solutions for their specific needs.

44.67% average improvement in germination percentage in the first 7 days.*

*Elsoms own trials of 6 different parsnip varieties

The advantages of seed priming go beyond just improving germination and early growth. Consistent and vigorous early growth gives the crop a higher chance of overcoming early challenges such as insect pests or weed infestations. The final uniform product that priming produces also increases marketable yield and processor acceptance, ultimately leading to better returns for growers.


a tray of different carrot varieties growing in rows with labels denoting primed vs non primed seed. the primed rows all have grown taller and more evenly.

For Carrots and onions, we offer our partner company, Bejo’s, unique priming technology enhanced by B-Mox®, shown in the video below.

Our priming process, including Bejo’s B-Mox®, gives seeds a head start, providing them with more energy and stimulating their growth during the earliest stages. Bejo’s international research trials have shown that their priming technology, enhanced by B-Mox®, can result in an improvement over other priming, as seen in the development of the crop. Growers who have used these primed seeds have reported stronger and more uniform crops, higher pack-out, and improved storability of carrots.

More info on B-Mox priming


At Elsoms Seeds, we are committed to providing the highest quality primed seeds using our state-of-the-art seed enhancement process. Our priming services can give your seeds the best possible start for a successful and high-yielding crop.

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