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Rialto Returns! Parsley Seed Now Available Worldwide

Rialto Parsley Seed Returns to Market

We are thrilled to announce that the highly sought-after Rialto Parsley Seed is back on the market! Due to popular demand, this beloved variety is returning after a brief hiatus. Known for its robust growth and exceptional flavour, Rialto Parsley has earned a stellar reputation among growers worldwide. With its history of reliable performance, it’s no wonder that growers have been eagerly awaiting its return.

Variety Specs

Rialto is a flat-leaf ‘Italian Giant’ type parsley, with dark green foliage, an upright habit, and very vigorous growth, boasting heavy yields. It is an early and late variety with a maturity of 96 days, typically growing about 18-20 inches (45-50 cm) in height. Rialto is cold-tolerant and can be grown in both early and late seasons.

Key Features:

  • Italian Giant
  • Spring & Autumn type (96 days)
  • Heavy yields
  • Sowing rate: 3-7kg per ha

Alternative varieties available:

Curled parsley; Krausa, Krausa Organic, Petra, Paloma – Semi-curled; Titan – Flat leaf; Rialto, Prairie

Rialto Parsley variety in a box for shipping

Parsley Market

The global parsley market has been experiencing notable growth in recent years, driven by increasing consumer demand for fresh and dried herbs, health-conscious dietary trends, and expanding culinary applications. Parsley (Petroselinum crispum), a versatile herb known for its vibrant flavour and nutritional benefits, is cultivated extensively across Europe, North America, and parts of Asia.

Predominantly produced in Mediterranean countries, with significant contributions from Italy, Turkey, and Morocco, parsley is grown for both fresh consumption and processing into dried and powdered forms. Europe remains the largest market for parsley, with substantial demand in countries like Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. North America and the Asia-Pacific regions are also witnessing a surge in parsley consumption, spurred by increasing awareness of its health benefits and its inclusion in various cuisines.

The parsley market is not only expanding in response to consumer demand but is also undergoing significant transformations driven by a reduction in chemicals, sustainability, and environmental considerations. With increasing awareness of the environmental impact of traditional farming methods, there is a growing shift towards organic farming and innovative agricultural practices such as vertical farming and hydroponics—practices well-suited to herb growers.

In-House Production

Previously, our herb seeds were sourced externally, but now that we are producing Rialto Parsley Seed in-house, we can offer it at a more competitive price. This change allows us to maintain strict quality control while providing cost-effective options for our customers. Our dedicated team ensures that every seed batch meets the highest standards, giving you the best possible product.

side by side image of parsley seed variety Rialto in the field and harvested in hand

Reasons to Grow Parsley

  • Culinary: Widely used in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and American cuisines. It can be used fresh or dried in salads, soups, sauces, and as a garnish.
  • Nutritional Benefits: Rich in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as folate and iron. It also contains antioxidants and has diuretic properties.
  • Medicinal: Traditionally used for its diuretic and digestive benefits. Can be used in teas or as an ingredient in herbal remedies.
  • Pollinator Friendly: Flowers attract pollinators like bees and beneficial insects.
  • Companion Planting: Works well with tomatoes, asparagus, and roses, helping to repel harmful insects.


One of the unique services we offer is seed priming, a process that enhances seed performance and speeds up germination. Our in-house priming capabilities are in high demand, particularly for varieties like Rialto Parsley Seed. Primed seeds can lead to faster, more uniform growth, giving you a head start on a bountiful parsley harvest.

Read more on our priming services here

Growing Info

Soil preparation:

  • Prepare soil in late autumn for early spring cultivation.


  • Store harvested parsley in cool, dry conditions to maintain freshness.
  • Ensure proper handling to minimise damage and contamination.

Parsley Habitat Requirements:

  • Temperature (°C day): 15 – 25
  • Temperature (°C night): >5
  • Optimal Daylength (hours): Long daylight hours may influence flowering
  • Flowering Peak: May
  • Soil pH range: 5.0 – 8.0
  • Climate for leaf production: Cool to warm
  • Ground preparation: Firm seed bed

Our Portfolio

Rialto Parsley Seed is just one standout variety in our extensive portfolio. At Elsoms Seeds, we offer a wide range of parsley seeds to suit every grower’s needs. Whether you’re looking for high-yield varieties, disease-resistant options, or specialty seeds, our collection has something for everyone. Explore our full range and discover the perfect parsley seed for your production.



Rialto Parsley variety in a field


Medium-large size, with a smooth curd wrap and healthy-looking leaves, boasting a 90% average cut rate in the Duchy trials for 2023/24.

Suitable For Pot and Field

Sowing Months March onwards

Harvest Months June to November

A photo of Moss Curled 2 Krausa Parsley


A densely curled, long stemmed variety with rich green leaves. Excellent flavour and habit. Fast re-growth after cutting. Recommended for field or tunnel production.

Suitable For Pot and Field

Sowing Months March onwards

Harvest Months June to November

A photo of Moss Curled 2 Petra Parsley


A medium length stemmed variety with densely fine curled medium green leaves. Used for later sowings in July and crops over a longer period. A very robust plant with excellent re-growth ability. Recommended for field or tunnel production.

Suitable For Pot and field

Sowing Months March onwards

Harvest Months June to November

A photo of Paloma Parsley


A beautiful bright green curly parsley with easy re-growth ability after the first harvest. Nice leaf to stem ratio. A very robust plant with an excellent habit. Is very strong against downy mildew and suitable for North Europe countries including UK, Holland and Scandinavia. Recommended for field or tunnel production.

Suitable For Field and tunnel

Sowing Months March onwards

Harvest Months June to November


Elsoms Seeds is committed to providing top-quality seeds and unparalleled customer service. With the return of Rialto Parsley Seed, we continue to uphold our tradition of excellence. Order your seeds today and experience the difference that quality and expertise can make in your fields today.

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