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Ringspot Resistance in New Winter Cauliflower Varieties

Winter Cauliflower Seed

Elsoms are proud to introduce the first full range of winter cauliflower seed with ringspot resistance in the UK.

After years of research and development, Bejo’s breeding team has created an entire range of cauliflower varieties with robust ringspot resistance. This breakthrough is huge for growers grappling with ringspot issues, providing peace of mind, and ensuring a healthier, more resilient crop.

But that’s not all. Our portfolio maintains the high standards of quality and performance you’ve come to expect from Bejo and Elsoms. Each variety is meticulously selected for its high yield and excellent field performance, backed by extensive trials conducted both in the UK and abroad.

Bejo seeds in the UK

With operations in over 30 countries, Bejo‘s dedication to developing the best vegetable seed aligns perfectly with our values. Together, we aim for long-term success, building lasting relationships with our customers rather than pursuing quick wins.

Together with Bejo, we work closely with growers and partners to nurture good initiatives and explore nature’s endless possibilities.

Their investment in research and development ensures that we constantly raise the bar with innovations. By staying ahead in modern breeding techniques and actively exploring new technologies, Bejo produces seeds with better characteristics for growers and the entire supply chain.

Our portfolio

Whether you’re farming in the rugged landscapes of Cornwall or the fertile fields of Lincolnshire, our portfolio has you covered. From early-season varieties perfect for harvest in December, through to late-season options in April/May, we have a winter cauliflower variety suited to every stage of the season. Now with Ringspot resistance too!



Medium-large size, with a smooth curd wrap and healthy-looking leaves, boasting a 90% average cut rate in the Duchy trials for 2023/24.


Cornwall – Mid-February

Lincolnshire – Early-March

Avg Days to maturity – 220


This variety offers improved wrap over its predecessors, with a medium upright habit and good bottom health.


Cornwall – Late February

Lincolnshire – March

Avg Days to maturity – 225



Doelan can be harvested by early-march in Cornwall and mid-march for Lincolnshire. A very clean frame makes this especially marketable to retailers. Doelan has a strong, spread-out harvest window, giving you regular availability. Harvest:

Cornwall – Early-March

Lincolnshire – Mid-March

Avg Days to maturity – 225


Characterised by a broad habit, upright central leaf, and good curd protection, with tolerance to ringspot and a weighty, round shape.


Cornwall – Mid-March

Lincolnshire – Early-April. Avg

Days to maturity – 232



A highly vigorous variety with a broad habit and solid, dense curds.


Cornwall – Early-April

Lincolnshire – Mid-April

Avg Days to maturity – 245


Harlyn winter cauliflower offers a familiar round shape and a clean base. A new and improved version of Lincs growers favourite Admirable.


Cornwall – Late-April

Lincolnshire – Mid-April

Avg Days to maturity – 245

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