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Vegetable Agricultural Seed Treatment Trials

Elsoms Introduces New Range of Pumpkins

Pumpkin Seed Available Now We are thrilled to announce our new, diverse range of pumpkin seed! Collaborating closely with a renowned supplier boasting an extensive selection of pumpkins and squashes, we are committed to providing you with top-quality seeds that guarantee exceptional yields and superior performance in your fields. Justin Solly, Head of Vegetable Sales […]

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Priming for Success

Seed Priming at Elsoms To produce a healthy and high-yielding crop, getting young plants off to a strong start is crucial. At Elsoms, our seed technology facilities have been priming a wide range of crops for many years for this very reason. Seed technology plays a key role in ensuring that seeds germinate with a […]

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Crites adds Vining Peas to Elsoms New European Business.

Drawing together global expertise to build an exciting seed portfolio backed by exemplary support. Crites Seeds Inc (Moscow, USA) has joined the recently announced partnership between Elsoms Seeds (Spalding, UK) and Crookham Company (Caldwell, USA), adding high performance vining pea varieties to the current sweetcorn portfolio. For over a decade, Crites has been working successfully […]

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Elsoms announces a new venture serving sweetcorn growers across Europe.

Elsoms joins with Crookham Company to deliver an exemplary seed portfolio backed by gold standard service.   Elsoms (Spalding, UK), the UK’s leading independent seed specialist and plant breeder, has announced the formation of a new partnership with Crookham Company (Caldwell, USA). Headquartered in Germany the new business, which will operate under the Elsoms name, […]

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Lettuce Seed Resistant to New Bremia Races

Bejo Lettuce Resistant To New Bremia Races Bremia, commonly known as downy mildew, is a highly destructive disease that affects lettuce crops worldwide. Recently, the International Bremia Evaluation Board for the EU (IBEB-EU) announced the discovery of three new Bremia races. Specifically, these races were found in lettuce, namely Bl:38EU, BI:39EU, and BI:40EU. As a result […]

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New Soft Wheat Bamford The Focus For Winter Wheat Trials

Winter Wheat Takes Center Stage Elsoms Seeds and renowned breeders Saaten Union hosted a trials day in Suffolk, attracting numerous farmers, agronomists, and seed trade representatives. The event showcased a wide range of crop varieties.  On display was winter wheat, winter barley, soft wheat, spring oats, and hybrid rye. Notably, Elsoms’ new winter wheat, Bamford, an […]

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