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ELSOMS Digital Open Day 2020

We are delighted to invite you to this years’ Elsoms Digital Open Day!
As we are unable to see you all at our trial field this year, you can still experience and learn about the varieties that we have on show. 
Click on the buttons below to go directly to the crop section or use the search bar and type in the variety of your choice!
Please enjoy the range of videos we have created for you that cover some of the key varieties on our brassica, salad and root crop portfolio.

Our trial guide is available for download here – please note, not all crops/varieties are available in video format. For more information, please contact your crop manager.


We are delighted to offer the superb range of brassica crops from both Bejo and our joint breeding programme, with Bejo. Our joint breeding programmes for Brussels sprouts and sprouting broccoli have produced some fantastic varieties. The passion we have for breeding traditional ‘British’ vegetable crops is demonstrated in our the varieties seen here.

Let Dave Clay, Brassica Crop Manager tell you more about the varieties we have on show.


Spring Green


Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Kohl Rabi

Pointed Cabbage

Savoy (early/summer)

Savoy (Christmas)

Savoy (winter)

Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage (Processing)


Our salads and diverse crop portfolio continues to expand. The expert breeding and selection team at Bejo is dedicated to bring you a range of species, particularly celery, fennel and radish.

Find out more from Lisa Tokelove, our Salads and Diverse Crop Manager.

Baby Leaf

Spring Onion


Chinese Leaf



Iceberg Lettuce

Speciality Lettuce