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Our Team, Our Focus

Our team of highly-qualified and highly-trained research and development staff are based at our headquarters in Spalding, Lincolnshire, right at the very heart of the UK’s vegetable and crop production industry. Specialists focus on key aspects of crop production and health, building our knowledge and our ability to improve crop performance for growers.

Partnership is an essential ingredient for success. In addition to our own constantly expanding programmes, we have established breeding partnerships with Elsoms Wheat and Elsoms Ackermann Barley, and we have a long and successful relationship breeding a range of vegetable crops with Bejo. By sharing breeding facilities and expertise, we can achieve the best results for growers worldwide.

Our Team

The Elsoms research and development team is made up of expert staff in breeding, seed production and trials. We offer research collaborations for PhD students and Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associates to join us on relevant research projects. Working together, we challenge ourselves to push the boundaries, to bring high quality vegetable and agricultural seeds to the market and provide expert technical support to our customers and partners.

Our Investment

To achieve our ambition, we continually invest in a wide range of facilities and equipment. Our laboratories, glasshouses and trials grounds are managed by highly-qualified staff, with access to state-of the-art technology. Our investment in research projects further contributes to industry knowledge, helping find solutions to some of the biggest problems faced by growers.

Our Focus

Our vegetable and agricultural research and development programmes cover a wide range of crops, including parsnip, swede, purple sprouting broccoli, Brussels sprouts, rocket and oilseed rape. Using modern breeding technologies and processes, and applying the latest science, our team successfully produce, trial and market top quality seed.

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Dr Richard Tudor
Vegetable Breeding Manager
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