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Elsoms seed technology solutions protect and improve seed

With food production facing increasing challenges of a growing population, decreasing agricultural land and unpredictable climate conditions, we are here to support our growers. Our treatments ensure seed is easier to handle and virtually dust-free – not only better for the environment but enhancing operator safety.

Through our certified seed laboratory and NIAB qualified seed analysts, we actively seek to improve seed quality. Working with universities, research institutes, industry stakeholders and biotech sector to provide high quality seed. Seed is protected and improved using the latest technology with coatings that enhance the shape and size of the seed to improve germination success rate, flowability and sowability.

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As a UK seed supplier with ESTA and NIAB credentials, our specialist team ensure that the seed supplied is the highest quality available. Seed quality is vital for successful crop production, and Elsoms is here to give you the best start for your crops.

Rae Cook, Head of Seed Treatment

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