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Seed Testing Services

All seeds for treating are rigorously tested through our dedicated NIAB licensed seed laboratory. Seed that is treated here at Elsoms is checked at regular stages throughout our processes, and tested against NIAB protocols to ensure seed quality meets the highest recognised seed quality standards.

Seed is tested in temperature-controlled rooms to ensure that each seed is given the optimal conditions to grow. A range of seed testing can be carried out on site for customers dependent on the species and requirements. The ability to test seeds on site means we can quickly spot any changes in quality at every step of the process.

Lab services are available on an ad hoc basis. Contact us for more information.

Laboratory Services for Seed Testing

Germination Testing
Germination testing is the only meaningful measurement of seed viability. Growers benefit from improved emergence and higher yields. All tests at Elsoms are carried out to ISTA standards.

Tetrazolium Testing
A simple staining technique rapidly shows if the seed is dead or viable. Dead seeds can then be discarded so that any seed treatments are targeted at those seeds with potential.

Purity Testing
Individual seed lots are sampled and examined for weed seeds and other contaminants. By checking the proportion of contaminants in each seed lot we can advise on which seed lots to be used and which to avoid. Samples can be sent to us or delivered to site.

Conductivity Testing
Conductivity testing is specific to pea seed lots and is used to check the vigour of the seed. This guarantees seed of the highest quality.

Moisture Testing
Moisture testing is carried out throughout the seed treatment process. It is vital as moisture affects the shelf life and storage ability of the seeds. If the seed is too wet it can rot or sprout in store, and if the seed is too dry it can affect the ability of the seed to germinate in the field.

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