Seed Coating
Seed Coating

Seed coatings

Elsoms provides services in seed pelleting and filmcoating for customers. These treatments use the latest products to improve crop establishment and drilling efficiency by coating with authorised plant protection products (PPPs).



The diversity of characteristics from seed to seed presents a range of challenges to growers. Elsoms offer a range of fungicide and insecticide pelleting to suit our customers' requirements.


Pelleting is an ideal way of loading PPPs and their active ingredients onto the seed, while also maintaining the seed's germination potential to produce optimal results. The pelletting, or encrusting, increases the size and weight of the seed and creates a smooth, uniform shape, which much of today's planting equipment requires. All characteristics of the pelletting process are designed to maximise planting efficiency and crop establishment.



Filmcoating is an efficient and environmentally friendly way of aiding seed growth. The filmcoating of PPPs produces a virtually dust free and smooth coating, making the seed safe for the operator to handle and reducing the risk to the environment.


High quality polymers used in filmcoating help seeds flow easily through machinery, preventing bridging and improving uniform drilling. Filmcoating also produces colour coded seed that are easily visible in the soil to further enhance the drilling process.

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