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Seed Disinfection

Cleaner seeds lead to improved establishment and ultimately higher marketing yields. The process of seed disinfection refers to the eradication of fungal spores and general detritus that have become established within the seed coat or on the seed coat.

The aim of all seed disinfection is to give the grower the cleanest, healthiest seed possible. There are three key methods used at Elsoms for seed disinfection:

Seed Washing

Large volume washing and rapid drying ensures that seed is in the best condition it can be for further treatment. Our large-scale treatment plant will wash seed lots in batches of up to 100kg at a time. The washing process removes any dust, detritus, microbes and bacteria that may be present on the seed surface. These can infect the seed or inhibit germination if not removed.

Hot Water Treatment

As we lose more plant protection products, the need for clean and disease-free seeds is essential for modern agriculture. Hot water treatment is a process that can be used to salvage infected seed stock that would otherwise be unusable. A range of seed species can be hot water treated. Pre-programmed protocols allow for each seed species to have a specific treatment protocol within an accuracy of 2 degrees. Whilst Australia and New Zealand now require hot water treated seed, not all crops can be hot water treated. Contact us for more information about seed that can be treated using this method.

Gas Plasma

Non-thermal gas plasma is a cutting-edge technology which has gained a lot of attention in the food processing sector for food preservation. It is effective in microbial inactivity including pathogens and bacterial spores. The process involves surface decontamination technology, working at room temperature. Therefore this method of disinfecting the seed can be used for seeds that are not suitable for hot water treatment.

For more information about seed disinfection processes, contact one of our specialists today.