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Seed Processing

Seed processing maximises the quality and the value of the seed for our customers. Ensuring yields are maximised and profitability is increased.

The seed cleaning and grading process removes contaminants such as debris from seed crops before grading seed into appropriate sizes. Using the latest seed coating technology, Elsoms seeds and those of our customers, are suitable for use in all modern agricultural seed handling machinery.

The Process of Cleaning and Grading Seeds

Cleaning and grading seeds ensures that our farmers receive the highest quality and cleanest seed possible. Clear benefits of this process include the avoidance of drill blockages, which allow the farmer to work more efficiently by maximising the number of drilling days in a season.

Seed arriving with us will often have come straight from the seed crop producer’s field. The initial stages of seed processing will remove the immature seed, sticks, debris, and other foreign objects. Once the seed has been cleaned the process moves to grading the seed into a range of sizes, making it suitable for the multitude of seed technology processes that Elsoms offer.

Sizing up Seeds

Elsoms embraces state of the art technology, by investing heavily in machinery and processes, such as an optical sorter. This gives growers peace of mind, knowing that they are receiving the cleanest possible seed on the market.

Optical sorting can clean seeds in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods. To a previously unachievable level of accuracy. Seed flows through the machine at high speed and can be sorted based on bespoke customer requirements of colour and shape.

Benefits of Optical Sorting

  • Rapid removal of seeds that are green or immature, damaged, a different colour, shade, size or type.
  • Ability to sort objects by a variety of shape attributes
  • Removal of foreign objects – ideal for the removal of straw or stalk, weed seeds, and contaminants

Once cleaned and graded, the seeds go through the appropriate process of disinfection and enhancement prior to dispatch.

For more information about our seed cleaning process or to understand more about optical sorting capabilities get in touch.