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Vegetable Seed Suppliers

Elsoms is the UK’s leading supplier of quality vegetable seed. We offer an impressive range of varieties from our own and our partners’ breeding programmes.

Carrots Seeds

Elsoms market and distribute Bejo Zaden's market leading range of carrot varieties in the UK, working closely with them to develop these varieties. All of our new carrot varieties are trialled and tested in UK conditions over a number of years to ensure we select the varieties most suited to your local circumstances and requirements.

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A hybrid Chantenay variety, very suitable for production at high density sowing. Cascade produces healthy foliage and smooth, bright, and uniform roots. Approximately 100 days from sowing to maturity.

Further Info
BabyField StorageFresh Market


  • Suitable For Fresh, Field Storage, Baby
  • Harvest Start July to April
  • Planting Dates March to July