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Roger Keeling


Robin Wood

Deputy Chairman

Andrew Davis

Finance and Logistics Director

David Coop

Research & Development, Agriculture and Marketing Director

Adrian Hayler

Head of Business Development

Justin Solly

Head of Vegetable Sales

Rae Cook

Head of Seed Technology

Paul Taylor

Head of Agriculture

Chris Goddard

Warehouse Operations Manager

George Goodwin

Vining Pea and Cereals Crop Manager

Henrietta Wells

Energy, Forage and Hybrid Cereals Crop Manager

Jack Holgate

Crop Manager - Break and Cover Crops

Katie Baxter

Crop Production Manager

Laura Johnson

Commercial Coordinator - Energy, Forage and Hybrid Cereals

Sally Day

Commercial Coordinator - Combinable Crops

Phillip Ayres

Technical Sales Manager

Jason Spencer

Seed Technology Account Manager

Duncan Ballans

Production and Logistics Manager

Bethany Dillon

Production Coordinator

David Clay

Crop Manager - Brassica

Chris Bettinson

Crop Manager - Alliums

Lisa Tokelove

Crop Manager - Diverse

Martin Strickson

Crop Manager - Carrot and Beetroot

Keely Watson

Market Access & Compliance Manager

Stephanie Beavis

Organic Manager and Export Sales Support

Michelle Burton

Crop Manager - Asparagus, Herbs, Sweetcorn and New Development Products

Matt Bean

Scotland and Northern England Vegetable Specialist

Andrew Vincent

Midlands and North West England Vegetable Specialist

Sam Tyrrell

Parsnip Crop Manager, and Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Vegetable Specialist

Ian Boase

South West England and Wales Vegetable Specialist

Karen Crosby

Crop Coordinator - Diverse, Beetroot and Carrot

Sam Poppleton

Crop Coordinator - Alliums, Legumes, Salads and Diverse

Emma Ross

Crop Coordinator - Parsnip And Amateur Market

Emma Young

Crop Coordinator - Brassica

Claire Taylor

Technical Coordinator

Dawn Norris

Customer Service Coordinator

Annie Sneath

Business Development Executive

Heather Oldfield

Business Development Executive

Dr Richard Tudor

Head of Research and Development