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Seed Enhancement

Our seed enhancement process is designed to maximise yields and return for the grower. As specialists in seed enhancement, sustainable solutions are actively sought out using the latest crop protection chemicals, biologicals and biostimulants, to support our growers.

Seed enhancement ensures that the seed gets the best possible start to germination and early growth.

The grower is given the consistency required for management practices right from the beginning. Consistency at the start of the growth cycle also means that produce specifications are more likely to be met which results in higher acceptance by buyers. Rapid and vigorous early growth also gives the crop a higher chance of overcoming early insect pests or weed infestation. Elsoms’ seed enhancement options come in three forms:

Seed Priming

Seed priming is where the seed is soaked and conditioned to a point where it is just ready to germinate. This is ideal for seeds that are typically more difficult to germinate and for breaking natural dormancy in a range of seed species.

Once primed, the seed is rapidly chilled and held at this temperature to supress germination. Once sown it then requires a minimum of heat and moisture to initialise germination. The resulting crop germinates quickly, and more importantly, evenly. Making the crop easy to manage, spray and giving a final uniform product for growers to harvest. Increasing marketable yield, processor acceptance and return.

Pelleting Seed

Pelleting, otherwise referred to as encrustment, allows for the precision drilling of irregular shaped seeds. This process adds weight to very small or light seeds, making them easier to handle and flow through precision agricultural drills. The ability to place layers of pelleting material around a seed allows for several plant protection products to be applied in individual layers – optimising the loading on the seed without adversely affecting the seed or its ability to germinate.

Pellets allow moisture and air to penetrate, splitting open easily to let the germinating seed emerge. A final polymer coating around the outside of the pellet ensures the product is dust free and safe for handling.

Filmcoating Seed

Both pelleted and naked seed can be film coated with plant protection products, then overcoated with a coloured polymer to seal in the product. Making the seed dust free and more visible when planted in the soil.

Filmcoating helps the seed to flow easily through machinery, allowing easy uniform drilling. Accurate application of plant protection products is an efficient and environmentally friendly way of aiding seedling growth. Microplastic free polymers are also available.

Which seed enhancement process is right for your seed? Get in touch with our team today.