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Strong relationships remain the driving force behind Elsoms’ success

As a company, relationships are at the core of our values. Over the last year, the impact of COVID-19 has thrown curveballs and challenges time and time again with the likes of social distancing, the need to learn a new way of working, and everyone being heavily reliant on the internet to keep us all connected. However, the commitment and determination of our employees made sure that those relationships with our customers and suppliers allowed us to continue feeding the planet.

Consistent hard work and strong working relationships between teams have undoubtedly been an enormous part of Elsoms’ success in 2020. With the introduction of new government rules, the warehouse team effectively processed and dispatched orders without delay, ensuring our customers continue to receive the high-quality service they would usually expect. In addition, our trials team continued drilling trials up and down the country, allowing key varieties to scored and selected, even in the depths of the pandemic. 

We have strong relationships with our partners, including Bejo. These relationships are vital in making sure the supply of seed was not interrupted. Despite all the barriers, our partnerships remain successful, with seed delivered safely and promptly. Online communication has now been essential in ensuring that these relationships continue to grow, resulting in the continuation of new products into the UK market.

Our accomplishments over the past year have been a result of one main factor – the dedication to our customers. Our customer relationships have developed over many of our 176 years, creating a trusted network like no other. From this stems our passion and drive to deliver against all odds. After the past year, we’re proud to remain the UK’s leading independent seed specialist and plant breeder.